The Highwayman- Bess, the Landlord's daughter

Date: 12th Jul 2016 @ 7:33pm

Bess has died trying to save the Highwayman. We speak to her from beyond the grave to relive the events of last night:

What were your thoughts when:

You saw the Guards in the red coats marching up to the inn door?

The King’s Guards tie you to the foot of the narrow bed and gag you?

The King’s Guard put the muzzle of the musket pointing at your heart?

 Your finger finds the trigger of the gun which is pointed at your own heart?

 You hear the Highwayman’s horse approaching the Inn to see you?

 If you could do anything different what would it be?

If you could speak to the Highwayman again, what would you say?

If you could speak to Tim, what would you say?

Goodnight Bess sad

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K. R. wrote:

Oh no has the Guards killed the Highwaymen or done something that would hurt him and never let me see him again or are they coming for me.

I am thinking that the Highwaymen will come back and see me sitting there dead if the guards kill me.

The Highwaymen would come back and see the love of his life dead.

I am going to kill myself and even though i'm losing the love of my life I need to warn him.

I am so excited that I am going to see the Highwaymen with the prize I wonder what it could be.

If I would change things I would not kill myself and I could kill all the guards so me and the Highwaymen wouldn't be killed and could have a happy life together.

I would say to the highwaymen that we can marry each other and be together forever.

I would say to Tim that I would never go out with him and I'm not happy that he took the Highwaymen off me.

Cady wrote:

The guards are going to kill me and I am like, what have I done? or have they killed the Highwayman?.

The guards want to try and kill me by tying me up to the bed or something else.

The guards want me to try and kill myself because the guards have not killed me yet. Or do they want to know something.?

I am thinking should I pull trigger or just move my fingers away from the trigger and not try to kill me myself.

I am amazed that he has come back for me and what is this prize he has got? However, I am also worried that the guards might kill him.

If I could change things I would of waited for the Highwayman to come into the old inn and we could of died together.

If I could speak to the Highwayman I would tell him not to rob the gold as the guards would not want to kill him then.

if I could speak to Tim I would ask him why was he listening nto my conversation with the Highwayman.


frankie wrote:

When I see the Guards arriving at the inn, I think what if the guards are going to kill me?

When they gag me and tie me up to the bed, I think I do hope I don't press the trigger.

Although if I press the trigger I could kill myself.

I know if I press the trigger I could kill myself but I need to warn the Highwayman.

Instead I could left it to the Highwayman to kill the guards instead of killing myself.

If I could speak to the Highwayman again I would say that we could go to the north pole.

If I could speak to Tim again I would say I hate you and if I could I would get you fired.

H.T wrote:

The Highwayman could of got killed. Our even worst the guards could of kill him.

The guards probably going to kill me so I never get to see the Highwayman.

The guards are going to make me kill myself.

I can feel a gun trigger facing my heart so do pull it or not.

I feel scared and worried because I know that the guards are going to kill the Highwayman.

I would run away with the Highwayman.

I would say that i had to kill myself to warn you.

I would say stay out of my life and leave me alone.

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