Class 10 Yr 5/6 Mrs Brown 2020 - 2021

Mrs Brown

Croeso Ddosbarth 10

We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer. We also hope you are relaxed, recharged, ready and happy to start a new school year. We are so pleased that you are part of our amazing Westwood family and especially excited to have you as part of Class 10 . We are looking forward to welcoming your positive energy as our classroom has been far too quiet since school closure and we have missed the buzz of children and the fantastic vibes that you bring into our school.

Looking forward to an incredible and productive school year, we have been in school planning and preparing for your return.  This term we will be teaching and learning through the topic of heroes. Flipped and blended learning will mean you have some work to do at home too and we know you will do a fantastic job of working hard to be the best you can be.

So you can be prepared, there are some points below to prepare you for the term ahead.

  • Wellbeing - your wellbeing is important,  looking at ways to feel good about ourselves and ways to prepare us for learning together in school again will be a priority.
  • English - researching and studying current affairs through local,  national and global news reports
  • Studies of biographical and news writing
  • News reporting (you can be prepared for this by watching the news on TV and studying the way news readers connect with their audiences).
  • Reading - In class we will be looking for the heroes in fictional text and also real life heroes in non-fiction reports. In Year 5 and 6, you will be expected to read a little each night at home - 15 minutes each day would be perfect. Of course, if you enjoy reading for longer this would be fantastic! 

Maths - Place value/the four rules of number and problem solving

Homework - Will be given out on a Friday and is due in on a Wednesday. Sometimes you will be given flipped or blended learning challenges which will require you to do work at home; the timings for this type of work will be more flexible. 

We will continue with our use of See Saw, Study Ladder and My Maths. We will be using  a new platform called!

This half term our work will also include

  • Investigations in Science
  • Digitali skills linked to maths to create a heroes calendar
  • Harvest 
  •  Manylion Personol (Personal Information) yn Gymraeg
  • Studies of the artform created by Andy Warhol - form and technique
  • PE (Outdoor PE will begin Monday 14th September, please come to school  dressed in P.E. kit on the 14th and each Monday after).
  • Scale and map drawing
  • Outdoor learning (each Wednesday please come to school dressed for practical outdoor learning experiences).

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead. Things may be a little different but we hope you are as eager as we are to start a new learning journey together.  It’s a new year, with new discoveries, new friendships and new learning opportunities. Working together is going to be filled with adventures and opportunities to make many lasting memories.

Until we see you on Monday, take care of yourselves, get plenty of exercise (and rest) and know that you are going to get the warmest welcome from us when we see you. We can't wait!

Hwyl Fawr - Stay safe

Mrs Brown and Mrs Joan Williams

P.S Don't forget to visit the Oxford Owl site for great reading books - see the video below




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