Class 4 2019 - 2020

Mr Gordon

Mrs Maguire

I would like to say hello and welcome back to everyone after the Christmas Break.  Not only a New Year but also a new teacher.  I have enjoyed my first few weeks with the class and everyone in the school has helped to make me feel very welcome.  I hope to help your child with their learning journey throughout their time in year 2. 

Appologies for the lack of posts on seesaw, there have been some technical problems.  I have a collection of images and videos to share with you and hope to post them ASAP.

Our whole school topic this half term is:


Toys from the past



In literacy the children have been learning to recite a story about bears and have been exploring the language and actions within it.  They have been listening to stories about toys, including 'Jose and Percy', which is all about a teddy bear that comes to life.  The children have been deciding how the story develops.



This half term, the class have been exploring division.  Sharing objects into groups. recognising the connection between multiplying and dividing.  In year 2 we are hoping to master their understanding of the times 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Now we are learning about statistics.  Children have been learning about tally charts and pictograms.  They have started to collect and organise data about toys.

Later we will be learning more about properties of shapes. Including 2D and 3D shapes. exploring symmetry and patterns.



P.E is on Wednesday afternoons.  We are using gymnastics to explore movements and creating sequences of body actions including travelling, balances and jumps.  The children are focused on improving the quality and control of their movements and have performed to each other.  The children are beginning to get changed quicker, but shoelaces and buttons are still causing problems for a few.

Please ensure your child has appropriate PE kits, and where posible, could you please avoid your child wearing jewelry on this day.



The children will have weekly spellings to complete alongside regular reading with your child at home.  Please could you write in your child's reading record when you have heard them read.  We are trying to encourage more reading and little and often is often more beneficial. 

A weekly homework will go out over the weekend and will be focused on practicing or developing numeracy and literacy skills.  



Fruit is 20p per day, or £1 at the start of the week. For drinks, we provide water or mark.


I have spoken with some parents and relatives briefly, at the end of each day. But for thse I haven't met with yet, please feel free to introduce yourselves and speak with me at your convenience. 

I hope that together we can help your child to develop and make good progress.

Mr Gordon & Mrs Maguire

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