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Mrs Brown

Croeso Pawb,

Thank you all for continuing to follow safety precautions to keep everyone safe. Sensible hand washing, santising of hands and taking care around others so far has helped towards  preventing the spread of COVID in our classes and bubbles, well done everyone.   We will continue with regular washing, sanitizing of hands, staggered starts and breaks throughout the day as we all need to remain as safe and healthy as can be; together we are doing a great job!

Reading R. J. Palacio's book, Wonder, has taught us about the importance of being kind and making the right choices. Learning about August's syndrome (Treacher Collins) has given us the ability to understand a lot more about how important it is to be kind and to consider the feelings of others. Remember, if words aren't kind then they aren't worth saying. Always consider the precept - Your Deeds are Your Monument. 

As we make a transition into our new topic,  the focus will be on the effects of war on children.   Considering life for children during the World Wars,  and making comparisons with the lives of children experiencing war today,  we will gain a real insight into whether valuable lessons were learnt from history by our current world leaders.  What do you think? Talk to adults at home and see what their views are too.

Please remember to check the list of activities below. At the bottom you will find all our spelling words,  practise your weekly words at home regularly please (10 minutes a night on up to just five words will have you confidently spelling them before you know it!). The words are covered in school with you too, but it is practise that makes perfect. The Look Cover Say Write template is with the spellings words below, if you like to use this method to practise.  The lists can also be found in activities on our Birch SeeSaw account with a message from me.

Reading at home is important, even through school breaks.  I would love to see everyone completing one Read Theory task each day over the school breaks as then I can see how you are doing and continue to give you tips if you need them. You can also continue with Study Ladder tasks and My Maths as part of your blended learning at home, anytime.

If you ever need any help with blended learning tasks, send me a SeeSaw message and I will get in touch - think about the short time you have before going to high school, it's time to get prepared and how successful you are is completely up to you!

Hwyl Fawr - Stay safe and see you soon.

Mrs Brown, Mrs Joan Williams and Mrs Wright




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