AGM Date for Westwood CP School Friends and PTA: 6pm Thursday 13th October 2016, school hall. All Welcome. 

Update from 21st September 2016 meeting:

A short and sweet meeting to set some calendar dates for the Autumn term and update members on the spending progress.  Friends and PTA are holding an end of half term disco, the date is TBC soon - with availability of our resident DJ's. There is also a Grand Christmas Event to look forward to at the beginning of December. 
Any new members can come along to the AGM (details above) and hear about progress and plans in details. And even volunteer for any of the roles available. Many thanks for your continued support of Friends and PTA. Gill Jones. 

Update from 7th July 2016 meeting:

A fantastic meeting for PTA, with excellent agreements with school to support all new areas of learning. £1000 of PTA funds have been allocated to support and enhance the ongoing development of the new class in Foundation Phase. PTA have also agreed on two collaborative projects in September with school, firstly to co-fund some window art to enhance both the external and internal areas in school. And secondly, to provide (or co-fund depending on total cost!) new main hall curtains/blinds, which will allow for better use of this space for learning and also future PTA fundraisers. We also agreed for Caterpillar Club to have upto £100 for a digital camera and SD card to capture memories and achievements in that area of learning. 

It was unfortunate that our two planned fundraisers were postponed, one due to the weather (sports day) and another due to a variety of factors (inlcuding support and helpers), the summer BBQ event. Despite this, we are busy with the Grand Summer Raffle - due to be drawn after the Junior Production of Mary Poppins on Friday 15th July. And also the Summer 2016 Tea Towels fundraiser. Two of the PTA members were also able to meet and greet new parents at the induction evening and promote PTA and gave every family attending a welcome pack from PTA. We also have a small scale table top sale organised for Friday 8th July with jumpers and toys/books on sale along with FREE tea and coffee for everyone!

The Family Point Project has concluded now, with MASSIVE thanks to our small committee who worked tirelessly to secure the grant money, which will make a huge difference to our school environment. Thank you to all the parents, who attended workshops or gave feedback on the Family Point Website. This is really appreciated. As always, thank you for your ongoing support of PTA. Gill Jones. 

Update from 9th June 2016 meeting:

A few important items were agreed at this meeting. The Summer BBQ event needs helpers, PTA will be running a Grand Summer Raffle and also designing tea-towels for purchase with the children drawing self portraits. The family point project is concluding on time, massive thanks to the parents who came along to the two drop ins earlier in the week to support the consultation and feedback. Not too late to write and article for the family point website. Many thanks for your support. Gill Jones.

Thank you! for supporting the Disco:

A big, big thank you to organisers, helpers, staff, DJ's, tidy-uppers at the disco on 26th May. Our ongoing thanks to all parents for supporting PTA events ins chool. The children had a fab time. Our sum of money raised today was £425 which will be used in school to support all those extras for all our children. Many thanks. Gill Jones. 

Update from 19th May 2016 meeting:

Thank you to everyone who attended the PTA meeting. Disco arrangements are ongoing for Thursday 26th May. PTA members approved a spend in school for the purchase of 30 recorders for children to use in music lessons to the value of £203. PTA are investigating the possibility of producing "end of year tea towels" for purchase, more details to follow. Tea/Coffees will be on sale at both sports day events. And we are planning a Summer Raffle event, if anyone would like to donate to this please do let us know. We will arrange a uniform sale after school next half term, please donate any uniform in clean, good condition via the school office. Our Family Point collaboration is also going well, but we are still looking for people interested in giving feedback or writing an article. Lots of help will be given, so please get in touch. 

Thank you for your ongoing support. Gill Jones.

Update from 22nd April 2016 meeting:

A short update from our PTA meeting held on Friday 22nd April. Thank you to everyone who came along and contributed. PTA have lots of plans in place for the Summer Term in school. We have agreed to subsidise every child place on forthcoming school trips by £5 (so this means for you as a parent if your trip was due to cost £15, it will only cost you a contributation of £10). We also agreed to fund some ICT provision in Nursery, Mrs N Jones applied for £474 worth of electronic equipment to support the learning curriculem in Nursery and Early Entitlement. 

We are planning for two main events in school before end of term, a school disco is in the early planning stages - watch our for updates or a letter from school with more info. Also, our Summer Event will co-incide with the Queens Birthday celebrations in school on Friday 10th June 2016, NOT as previously published on the school calendar as 24th June. Again, lots of planning is taking place and as soon as we have further details they will be communicated to you all. 

PTA has also been very successful in securing grant funding this year, with thanks to Mrs L Brown for her efforts and support with this. We have £2000 from the Asda Community Award - which is currently being spent to enhance outdoor provision with gardening resources (this was in the remit of the grant application, so has to be spent on this).

We have also a short project ongoing with a Wales wide organisation called FamilyPoint. Please do check out their website for information. We are seeking parents who would want to be part of a consultation group which involves meeting 2 or 3 times between now and 30th June. Please do get in touch if this is something you are interested in. All you need is a bit of spare time and balanced opinion about some parenting and family topics (nothing too challenging!) A change to meet some other parents at Westwood an chat informally over a cuppa. If there is anyone out there who would like to write a short article on any family or parenting topic, and have this published on the Family Point website, now is your chance!

Thank you to all our parents and carers at Westwood for your continued support of PTA. Gill Jones.


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"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school