European Championship 2016!

Date: 14th Jun 2016 @ 7:08pm

Well, the Euros are well underway now with all the first round of group matches being played tonight. What has been your favourite game so far? Or even your favourite goal? Who do you think will win? And more importantly, who will win this Thursday between Wales and England? smiley

For me, it's really hard to pick the winner. But I'm going to go for...ITALY! They played really well last night against Belgium.

I'm looking forward to seeing your posts!

Mr. Powell

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Callum Ramsey wrote:

I couldn't find a blog to comment about the sweep so i did it on this one.i'm just sitting around waiting till 08.oo to watch Iceland i hope they win but now I've just decided to play Fifa 14 (Liverpool are still the best team)

Taylor Jones wrote:

(You're right callum R)Liverpool is still the best team.

Ethan Tompkin wrote:


Ethan Tompkin wrote:

Mr.Powell witch team do you wont to win or get to the final

Ethan Tompkin wrote:

Mr.Powell what is your favourite team Mr.Powell

Brooke Beech wrote:

My favorite team is man u nited😃

Mr. Powell wrote:

My favourite club team is Man United and Bangor City (in the Welsh league). My Dad is the manager there :)

As for my favourite has got to be Wales :)

Ali usman wrote:

Hello Who do you support for the Euro UEFA battle I'm announcing the greatest teams to ever England ,Ukraine,Italy Germany

Ethan wrote:

I them teams i meant Euro teams

Ethan wrote:

Brooke that is a horribly team same for you Mr.Powell!!!

Ethan Tompkin wrote:

Nise touch Mr.Powell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ali usman wrote:

I think england will win tonight there really good

libby wrote:

thjey diddd

Grace Haswell wrote:

Hi Mr Powell . I cant believe that England BEAT Wales by 1


Mr Powell who is your favriout football player. I wish year 3 and 4 could go to nant BH.I don't want you to leav

Mr. Powell wrote:

Being a Man United fan, it has to be Cristiano Ronaldo :)

Ali usman wrote:

Mr Powell I would like to say that when you see your dad say that would like to know who is the best player playing for Bangor city may I add please ask him to ask anyone to make a website that is based on you Neville powell's son.

Singed yours sincerely Ali

Mr. Powell wrote:

I have passed the message on Ali to my Dad. He has told me that your question is a really tricky one as there are lots of good players at Bangor :)

Warren wrote:

Wales are good arnt they specletheye garf bail !

Warren wrote:

My favourite team is live pool man u are a bit bad !

Jordan owens wrote:

Wales won Russia 3-0

Warren wrote:

Wales won russia it was 3.0

Ethan Tompkin wrote:

Mr.Powell assent wales played well this tormentor in EURO 2016

Mr. Powell wrote:

They are playing really well Ethan! I think we will get to at least the semi-finals :)

Ali Usman and baby brother wrote:

My brother would really like to meet you soon and also like to come to Westwood but man u rule and I would like to say is very energetic and also very very very athletic you just the baby bluold this was the rain the biggest valuable time just for him and I would like to say that me and him always talk about how happy I am seeing you happy

Rebecca Jones Ali wrote:

ME and Ali can't believe wales are playing N.irelad

Ali usman wrote:

mr Powell you are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! :) more than I was ever I'd really like you to stay

Ali usman wrote:

your EURO UEFA sweepstake is really kind of you to make I really wish you could stay AT westwood forever

Mr. Powell wrote:

So who is still left in our Euro 2016 sweep? I know I am with France just scrapping through against the Republic of Ireland today!


I'm at Iceland I might get some stuff for you

Alicia wrote:

lead up to the final Portugal vs Wales and Germany vs France

Taylor Jones wrote:

I can't believe wales lost, bad isn't it???????????????????????????????????????

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