Who we are

We are the Westwood Governors. We are a very proacitve and productive group, who provide support, challenge and ensure the very best for our pupils. All members take an active role by attending Governor meetings and supporting school in many other ways. We were all part of and support the school vision - To make Westwood C.P. the school of choice in Buckley.

Our Governing body is made up of the following people who represent all the stakeholders of Westwood C.P. School.

Westwood Parent Governor - Current Chairperson - Mrs Gill Jones

I am so very proud to be a school governor at Westwood and also to be chairperson for this academic year. Having been a parent governor at Westwood CP school for over 10 years I am passionate about working with staff, pupils and stakeholders to make Westwood "the school of choice" in Buckley. (Following our recent amazing Estyn inspection I truly believe this is our future). I am active with school life, visiting school and supporting the development and changes. In my Chair of Governor role, I work closely with Mrs Jayne Williams to support and monitor school development. My children attended Westwood CP School and during that time they were given the very best start in their education. I work in the child protection charity sector and live locally. You can contact me direct through the school office. 


Westwood Community Governor - Current Vice Chairperson - Mr Peter Shone

I have privilege of being the Vice-Chair of Governors at Westwood for this year. I consider myself retired, however, my wife may have a different view. I have lived in Buckley for a large portion of my life, attending both the Board school (the precursor to Westwood) and Mountain Lane, before embarking on secondary education at Elfed. Leaving school at 16 years, I served an apprenticeship before going back to collage to gain an Engineering degree.

My career as a Professional Engineer has taken me to some interesting places, both in the UK and overseas, initially building large process facilities in a variety of industries (steel, environmental, petro-chem, energy, rail) and later as a manager. For the last 10 years I worked in business improvement and change management, and gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Leadership. I am currently studying for a Masters in Leadership and Executive Coaching.

I have seven Grandchildren, three of which attend Westwood, soon to be four, which gives me tremendous motivation to support the school in any way I can to make it great and become the school of choice for all parents and children in the community, giving all our pupils access to the highest standards in learning and the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals to the best of their ability. My interests are golf, travel and Grandchildren, not necessarily in that order.


Westwood Clerk to the Governors- Sue Guest

I have been Clerk to Governors since 2002 and feel proud to be giving something back to the school that gave me a good sound education to help me achieve my potential and in  doing so contributing to the successful running of an outstanding school.

Today I work as an IT Business Partner (Schools) for the local authority, a job I enjoy because we help to give our children the best possible learning experience  that we can.  On a personal note, I enjoy sport, watching mainly but participating in some, family history (I even have the name Westwood in my family tree) and generally getting out and about.


Westwood Community Governor - Mrs Lisa Maghak

I am a currently a Community Governor at Westwood. I work within the banking sector I have 4 children, all of whom have attended Westwood over the years. I joined the Governing Body in 2007 as a Parent Governor. I have had the opportunity to attend training courses to support my role, and help me understand how the education system works.

I enjoy being able to contribute to the school in promoting and maintaining excellent standards of teaching, supporting the staff and getting to know the children. At Westwood we are on a journey to become an outstanding school and I am proud to have been involved in our vision of making Westwood the local school of choice.


Westwood Community Governor- The Reverend Rosemarie Clarke

I am the minister at Buckley Cross Methodist Church and joined the governing body in 2016. I have two grown up sons and have just become a grandma.  Before working full time for the church I had a career in accountancy.

I have recently studied to masters level in leadership and theology, having completed an OU degree when my children were small.  At that time I enjoyed being involved with the Preschool Playgroups Association and various early learning initiatives.

I am pleased to be part of the governing body at Westwood, and to be able to support the work there which is so vital to our young people and to our community.


Westwood Parent Governor - Mrs Carla Tellett

I have been a parent governor at Westwood for about 5 years.  I am a Buckley girl and have 2 children in the school, Dylan in Year 5 and Ryan in Year 1.  I became a governor as I have a passion for seeing how things work, and helping to make them work, if it’s within my capabilities.  I enjoy volunteering as I believe its important to give something back, I have had, and still have other voluntary roles with many community groups.  I was part of a team that successfully fought off the closure of Westwood a few years back and since then have witnessed its growth - I am very proud to be involved with that.  I attended this school many moons ago and would love to see Westwood back to the school of choice it was when I was a child. 

My background is in Health & Safety, working in the Construction Industry, but through my volunteering I have been involved in many varied things!  I believe in being proactive.  I believe in giving children the best start they can get and allowing them to fulfil their dreams - being a governor gives me an insight into the schools running and allows me to be involved in its decisions.  The future is bright and I can't wait to see the potential unleashed!


Westwood Parent Governor - Mrs Kristy Gomery

I have been a Parent Governor at Westwood since October 2014. I live in Buckley and both of my sons love attending Westwood.

I work for a local authority in Cheshire as a Finance Officer for schools, which means I work very closely with a number of primary schools – something I am very passionate about! I am hoping that the knowledge and experience I’ve gained as part of my role can make a positive contribution to the school.

I am proud to be part of the governing body at Westwood and keen to continue building on the excellent standards of the school. 


Westwood Parent Governor - Mrs Alison Wightman

I am a parent governor at Westwood. I joined the governing body in May 2016. I have 2 children who currently attend the school and want to help and support them. In my parent governor role I hope to be the voice of our parents. 


Westwood Headteacher - Mrs Jayne Williams

I am the Headteacher of Westwood C.P. School and I have worked here since 2012, previously Deputy head I was appointed as Headteacher in September 2018. I have been a member of the Governing body for the past four years.  In my time here I have been part of a proactive team of staff, instrumental in the fantastic progress and achievements made by our school. I feel very proud and privileged to be part of our Westwood team and strive for every child here to be successful!

Originally from Liverpool, I have lived in Wales for 27 years. I am a very busy mum of four children, I have two young grandchildren and two fun loving dogs! In the spare time I have, I enjoy being a student! As well as my B.A. Hons degree in Education with QTS, and I have a P.G.C.E in Leadership, I have also achieved the N.P.Q.H. and I am currently studying in Chester University for a Masters in Educational Leadership. So you could say, I like learning a lot!

Westwood Parent Governor - Mrs Kerry Jones
I have been a parent governor for three years now, gaining insight into how the education system works, and how our school functions.  In just this short space of time I have witnessed how caring, dynamic and dedicated every individual person is within our school community.  I am committed in helping the staff at Westwood to achieve their goal by being the ‘school of choice’ within our local area, as it once was when I used to attend this school.

I have a daughter in year four at Westwood who enjoys every day she spends in school. I know she is learning in a safe, caring and happy environment. I hope as a parent governor to help facilitate, enhance and encourage lines of communication between parents and governors. I also enjoy helping out in school fundraising events, it is important to me to give back to Westwood as it was this very school which gave me the amazing foundation blocks needed to achieve a degree in nursing, and a diploma in youth and community studies. I am proud to be part of the governing body at Westwood and look forward in helping, Westwood to achieve and maintain its excellent standards within all areas of our school.

Westwood Teacher Governor - Miss Gemma Bennett
I am the year 3 teacher at Westwood and I am very proud to be a new member of the Governing body this year.  I have worked in Westwood since 2014 and have enjoyed every second. During my time at Westwood, I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to gain experience through a range of different roles. I have a passion for teaching and helping children progress. In my spare time I am a keen historian and enjoy exploring new places. I feel passionate about Westwood and the progress we have made and want to continue pushing our school forward as part of our Governing body.

Westwood Local Authority Governor - Mr Neville Phillips
I am Cllr Neville Phillips OBE, JP. I have been a long standing member of the governing body at Westwood Primary School. Elected Alyn and Deeside District Council 1973-1995, elected Buckley Town Council 1973-to date. Appointed Magistrate 1979 and awarded an OBE in 1990. I am a member of the Buckley Cross Methodist Church and an Everton Football Club season ticket holder. 

Westwood Local Authority Governor - Mrs Jeannie Hutchinson
I am married to Dennie, we have two children and five grandchildren. I was born in Buckley and have a wide knowledge of local issues and I am in contact with local residents on a daily basis. Educated at Bistre Chirch and Elfed High Schools in the town and I have worked in the accounts department of British Steel before leaving to start a family. For the past 40 years, I have worked in our local family business as a book-keeper and secretary. I have been a member of the Town Council for 10 years and I am a school governor at both this school and Mountain Lane Primary school in Buckley. I was the Town Mayor in 2013.

Westwood Local Authority Governor - Mr Peter Watkins
Awaiting information.

Westwood Staff Governor - Mrs Joan Williams
Awaiting information.

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What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school