Goodnight Mr Birks- Keystage 2 Performance at the Hawkesbury Theatre

Date: 21st May 2017 @ 10:34pm

'Goodnight Mr Birks - The story of a WW1 Buckley Hero.'

We are performing our Key Stage 2 play to the community at the Hawkesbury Little Theatre on Wednesday 12th July at 6.30pm and Thursday 13th July at 6.30pm. The tickets are on sale now in the community at Sheila Williams the Jewellers & Costa Coffee, both in the Precinct, and at the school for the Hawkesbury Little Theatre performances priced £2.50. These tickets are readily available to all who wish to purchase them within the Buckley Community. We have sold many tickets at the Buckley Open Day on Sunday. Thank you.

Our School performances for this play are Monday 17th July 2017 at 6.30pm and Tuesday 18th July 2017 at 1.30pm, also priced at £2.50. These tickets are on sale from school only on Monday 19th June 2017, limited to 2 per family.

We hope that you will support our performances and look forward to seeing you either at the Hawkesbury or at School.


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