iPad apps in the classroom!

Date: 9th Dec 2018 @ 3:32pm

So far this year we have used the iPads through the following apps:

  • Stop Motion- for our stop-frame animations
  • Pic Collage- for taking a pictures of our Quadrama
  • QR Code reader- creating QR codes in English, Science and Topic.
  • Swift Playgrounds- using Hello, Byte to code basic instructions during the Hour or Code week.
  • Safari- used across the curriculum to research different subjects.

Can you think of any other apps that we could use in our classroom?

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Jessica J wrote:

My Quadrama wasn't perfect when I was doing the Pic Collage, but I did begin to like it and I was proud of my Pic Collage.

Georgia W wrote:

I loved yours jess

Georgia W wrote:

My Qouddrama was not the best but I still liked it to.

Freya C wrote:

I found that all the apps were great but I haven't tried swift playgrounds or QR code reader.I thought safari was the easiest. my favorite app was I Movie when we made our film trailers

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