Llandudno - Great Orme Tram and Copper Mines

Date: 20th May 2016 @ 8:14pm

Wow- what a fantastic day we all had at the Llandudno Copper mines and on the Great Orme tram. It was a superb day from start to finish. Excellent activities and the children's behaviour was impecable! Many adults on our trip commented on how fantastic the children were today. They were a real credit to our school and to yourselves.

We hope you enjoy the pictures from today's adventures on the gallery and are looking forward to the children sharing their best bits of the day on the blog next week!

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Liam wrote wrote:

today 20/05/16 both of class 8 and 7 went up to Llandudno on a coach well not exactly a coach a TRAM aswell . We went to see the great Orme and to go in the COPPER MINES we only went to the second level because the lower you got the colder it got . the copper mine had up to 9 LEVELS can you believe that . Ones we had visited the copper mine we went back to the tram station to get another TRAM to go to the summit of the mountain where their was a café a shop and a gift shop also their was a PARK where we all could play . We all enjoyed it there thanks Miss Williams and Miss Brown

Mrs Williams wrote:

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. What was your favourite part?

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