October Disco and Beyond

Date: 30th Oct 2018 @ 3:13pm

How much fun did we have at the disco? Wow! Almost as much fun as the children did! It was a full on cardio workout filled with energy and laughter. Mrs Jones leading the Conga, the grownups teaching the children how to do the Hokey Cokey, the children teaching the grownups how to floss, it all contributed to a fun filled event.

I am pleased to inform you that the event has raised a total of £358.18

Now the disco is over the PTA will be busy preparing and planning for the next big fundraising event, the Christmas Fayre, this event will take place straight after school on Friday 7th December.

Please get in touch if you would like to help in anyway, any help will be very much appreciated! Donate a prize? Help to decorate Santa’s grotto or help to run a stall? Do you have a craft or trade you can offer to help us raise those all-important additional funds the school needs? Could you help to serve teas and coffees on the day? Or even speak to your employer and ask if they offer ‘Match Funding’ lots do! However big or small, it all counts! Please speak to a member of the PTA, e-mail the PTA on contact@westwoodpta.co.uk or speak to the school office for direction.

Thanks in advance, we look forward to hearing from you soon

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What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school