Polar Explorer!

Date: 26th Jan 2018 @ 9:59am

Today we completed our Polar Explorer training! 

What did you learn today? What was your favourite part? Have you learnt any interesting facts about the North and South Poles? 

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Abbie C wrote:

Hi Class 6

I got home from school and told my Nan grandad and my mum all about a polar explorer

Dylan O wrote:

I love polarexplorer

Evan H wrote:

I had a lot of fun today. I love the activities and I learnt that it is colder in the Southpole than the northpole.

Ella-Louise E wrote:

Hi class 6 and Mr polew

When I got home I found out different facts about polar bears my favourite fact was that a polar bear can smell there prey from 16Km away!

From Ella😀

Summer H wrote:

I liked when we made are little pet in the afternoon

Lexi S wrote:

Hi Mr Powell (;

My Favourite part of today was making the Boats from Plasticine. I learnt that not all Plasticine sinks as long as you have a thin surface and thick sides,if you put dry ice in carbon-dioxide it creates smoke and unlike other gasses when carbon-dioxide freezes it does not turn into a liquid.The South Pole is colder than the North Pole and Polar Bears live in the North Pole because the South Pole is too cold for them penguins live in the south because it is a bit to warm for them in the north pole.

Mia-Josephine Mansley-Dunn wrote:

Lexi I like your reply good job

Grace H wrote:

Wow Today was so so good I wonder if they will come back?

Mia-Josephine M wrote:

Polar explorers go to Antarctica
Yesterday class 6 made boats.

Amelie Q wrote:

I loved learning about the polar explorer my favourite part was when we made the plastercine boats!

Riley L wrote:

my favorite part of the polar explorer was making the cartesian diver

Tochi M wrote:

On friday connor came into school from cardiff to talk about the polar explorer and showed us how to make boat with plasticine, my groups boat sank because our surface was too flat. Very interesting i enjoyed it.

Caleigh D wrote:

I liked seenig the plastisen bowts flowt or sink is was very fun :)

Jake A wrote:

I liked the Polar Explorer workshop because we made boats out of plasticine. It was really hard because most of the boats kept sinking! Only one floated.

Morgan C wrote:

I think the polar explorer is very fun to learn about becouse it is very
Strong and can get helicopters on the polar explorer . The polar explorer is very very heavy that even the worlds strongest man can't even lift it

Dillan P wrote:

The poler explorer is very fun I hope we can do something similar

Mia-Josephine M wrote:

Hi mr.powell on Friday I enjoyed the polar explorer workshop

I want them to come back to Buckley

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