Skype in the Classroom!

Date: 3rd Dec 2018 @ 10:51am

Well today we made HISTORY! Class 6 made a video call using Skype to play a game called 'Mystery Skype' with another school from around the world. Each class asked questions to find out information about where each other was. The first class to guess where the other is from wins!

After lots of questions between the children, we found out that the class we were speaking to were from Canada, Ontario- a whole 5 hours behind us! They also are having lots of snow at the moment! 

How did you feel about using Skype? 

Would you want to play Mystery Skype again?

Is there anything else we could do with our new friends from Canada?

Does using Skype teach us anything? 

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Amelia A wrote:

I felt nervous but I really liked it!

Lexi C wrote:

i did to amelia

Jessica J wrote:

Your right Amelia it was really fun. Did you enjoy it as well Amelia?

Amelia A wrote:

Yes I did like the mystery skype infact I enjoyed it to.

Jessica J wrote:

Yeah we made history and it was so fun skying a Canadian school which is very far away. We could immadietly tell they were Canadian, because of their accent. Anyway it was really fun and I enjoyed it.

Jessica J wrote:

When we used Skype it taught me to speak to people I didn't know. It also give me confidence

Freya C wrote:

to be honest I really enjoyed the mystery skype but I was really nervous like you Amelia. I really want to do the skype again do you?freya

Sienna C wrote:

Even though we lost the game I till had fun

Sienna C wrote:

I would love to Skype again as I really enjoyed it

Ieuan C wrote:

I liked it because it was so fun to meet new friends

Georgia W wrote:

I was really scared but excited.when I seen them in was happy too.

Georgia W wrote:

IT WAS SO FUN !!!!!!

Caleigh P wrote:

i know it was

Mr and Mrs Alexander wrote:

Mr Powell, my login for the website wouldn't work so i have used my mums.

I think we should do Skype again with a different school. Anyway it was really fun. i think we could also be pen pals with our new friends from Canada maybe using email. Using Skype teaches us that people anywhere in the world can still see and talk to each other even though they are really far away sometimes.
By Rhys Alexander

Edith D wrote:

Mr. Powell can we do more Skype's in the classroom. I found it really nerve racking when I went up to speak to the school in Canada.

Be internet safe

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