Soyuz Space Rocket back on planet Earth

Date: 18th Jun 2016 @ 5:52pm

Something pretty brilliant happened today (18/06/16) at 10.15 BST

Check out to find out what this picture is all about.

Questions you could ask:

Where is it?

Where has it come from?

What is on the end of the parachute?

Is it true that the parachute is over 10,764 square feet when fully opened?




Record your answers and bring them into school; it must be something pretty amazing to create so much smoke........ or is it dust?  Find out and let us know.  

Mrs Brown and Mrs Williams

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Trinity wrote:

It was Tim peaked kanding. He was rocketing down in a parachute after returning home in a a mini capsule.

Mrs Brown wrote:

Well done Miss Tipping. You're right it was Major Tim Peak - da iawn ti a gwaith iawn.

For a while in the Soyoux rocket, he thought that parachute wasn't going to open. Check out his interview at

Mrs Brown wrote:

Actually Trinity, this is a lovely link to the new topic we will be doing in science.

Can you guess what the focus might be?

Ali Usman wrote:

I am glad Tim Peaks came back to The earth and in our atmosphere

Mrs Brown wrote:

Me too Ali! Do you know what force brought him back to Earth?

shaun wrote wrote:

how is space dark the sun and stars should light it up?there many questions in life like what created the big bang that created life or life was created efore the big bang or even how was the big bang created

Mrs Brown wrote:

Wow! What an interesting question Shaun. I don't know why the sun and stars don't light up space.... how could you find out?

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