Tata Kids of Steel Triathlon

Date: 18th May 2016 @ 8:08pm

Our Year 5 & 6 pupils took part in the Tata Kids of Steel Triathlon at Mold Alun High School today. What a fantastic time they all had! Our amazing athletes swam, ran and biked around the track in super fast time!

All the children received a medal for their fantastic efforts. Well done year 5 & 6... you did us proud!


Check out our gallery and blog as the children tell us about their experiences!!

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Mr. Powell wrote:

Amazing efforts shown by everyone today! You were a credit to yourselves and the school :)

Liam wrote wrote:

Thanks Mr Powell alot

Izzy wrote:

Thanks Mr Powell

Mr Nicholson wrote:

Being a top class triathlete myself, I know how tough these events are. I am proud of each and every one of you for completing this challenge. I hope it inspires you to do more! Sorry I was unable to cheere you on.

Liam wrote wrote:

Today our school Westwood C.P years 5,6 went and did a triathlon for charity at mold Alun high school where we did swimming cycling and running . Wont's we got to mold Alun we got into 2's after we was talked to we headed to get a TATA steel t-shirt then we went and got a bucket with a bag a swimming cap wings we got changed we swam 50 metres and then cycled 1k=2 laps then we ran 500cm then at the end after we finished we got a TATA steel medal and a cup of water I so enjoyed it today thanks miss B and mister P and miss Webster and miss Williams

Alicia wrote:

Year 5 and 6's Triathlon

On Wednesday 18th May Westwood's year 5 and 6's did a triathlon at Mold Alun. Firstly, we got our swimming caps, t-shirts and a bag, then listened to what we had to do in the triathlon, we had to swim bike and run. After we had got dressed we went to were we had to swim. we swam 50 meters then jumped out of the pool, put our trainers and triathlon tops, then headed out to do our 1 km bike run. next we did our run to finish, Westwood ran 500 meters!!! As we finished we got a medal and a cup of nice cold spring water. My favourite part was the running to finish. After I finished I cheered on all of my team mates, then got a picture with Emma, Chloe. sh, Chloe. c, Demi and Keyley. The triathlon was so fun and amazing. SWIM, BIKE AND RUN!!!

Morgan w wrote:

thanks :) :)

Liam wrote wrote:

Today 18/05/26 Westwood C.P years 5,6 went and did a triathlon at Mold Alun called TATA kids of steel triathlon from 9:30~11:15. When we got to Mold Alun high school there was loads of schools. When we was told to go in we was given a group number we was no,2 when the rest of the schools went and got there stuff we was called up to get a TATA steel t-shirt and we was located a bucket after we got our buckets we went to the changing rooms after we got changed we went and stud by the side of the pool until we was told what to do . After we was told to do we swam 50 metre we cycled 1k=2 laps and not but lest we ran 500cm. At the end we was awarded a TATA steel medal. I loved it today thanks you loads miss b miss Williams miss Williams and miss Webster oh and Mr P

Chloe S wrote:

Today the 18th of may 2016 year 5 and 6 went on a coach to mold Alun high school to do an exhausting but amazingly fun event called the Tata kids of steel Triathlon.
First we had to go into a hall to get a box in the box was a swim cap, a bag and a top, We then went to the pool and got our swimming kits on for a 100 meter swim!
After the swim, we quickly dried off and got ready for the bike event. We had to cycle around a special 1 km track; this was lots of fun!
Next it was the final event- a 500m run, or you could walk if you needed to! At the end of the triathlon, we all received a medal, and a well earned drink!
I had an excellent time at the triathlon!

demi wrote wrote:

today I am still warn out from the Triathlon still. we had to do Running, Biking, Swimming but it was fun.

Izzy wrote:

On the 18th Of May the whole of year 5 and 6 went to a Triathlon at Mold Alun High School. All pupils could take part in any sport even if they don't know how to swim, run or ride a bike. You earn a medal at the end and a cup of water. First you do swimming, cycling and running. Then we get changed and leave back to school full of energy! It was a great experience for many people!

Mrs Williams wrote:

It is great to read all about your wonderful experience at the Triathlon yesterday- How many of you might try a Triathlon again?

Mr N wrote:

It's your turn next Mrs Williams!

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