The Fiver Challenge

Date: 14th Jun 2016 @ 11:42am

The Fiver Challenge has begun in Year 5 & 6. The children have their business names and logo, which were entered into the competition on Friday. The children are super excited. They are now getting their business plan toghether and begin their advertising campaign. Which company will be successful turning their £5 pounds into loads of money?Watch this space! :)

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Jessica wrote:

The fiver challenge is a unique opportunity for students to learn how to run a business. We have now spent multiple maths lessons on the fiver challenge which we are linking to possibility. We have all decided a team name and logo . As our service is games, they shall be stalls at the summer fair this year. This will be a good chance for parents to see what sort of games us children like to play. It will also link with money as we have to find out how much money we are making or losing. Students in year 5 and 6 are really enjoying this chance as it could really help make a successful business owner/worker. In my opinion, I am finding this really exciting and all of my friends are too. The Fiver challenge really helps us improve skills aswell e.g teamwork.

Thank you for reading this,

Mrs Williams wrote:

Thank you Jess, I am glad you are enjoying the opportunity to be a business lady!! Next step organise your online market research questionnaire and post online.

Trinity Tipping wrote:

The fiver challenge is an excellent opportunity for us as pupils to experience what it will be like if they were a business, which will give us an advantage for when we are older.This is also linking to many other subjects like English due when we have to write and answer questions, its also a great opportunity for art too, because you will have to design and draw a unique logo. This is also helping us with profit and loss. i believe this will help us a lot especially prepare the yr 6s for high school this year.

thanks for reading
Trinity Tipping

Mrs Williams wrote:

Thank you Trin, I am glad you are enjoying the opportunity to be a business lady!! Next step organise your online market research questionnaire and post online.

sarah jayne hibbert wrote:

cant wait until the fiver challenge !!!!!!!!!!

Mrs Williams wrote:

Thank you Sarah Jayne... We are looking forward to sharing it with you!

Anna wrote:

I agree with Jessica, this is a really unique opportunity for year 5 and 6, I have really enjoyed taking part in the competition and working in a company. So far, my favourite part has been creating an online survey on Survey Monkey and designing the 'Annzzy' logo with Izzy.

shaun wrote: wrote:

this was a fun and educational business game and it gave power to our brains.This was a amazing choise mrs williams thanks and i think the others thank you too many thanks

shaun wrote:

the fiver challenge was exalent and egacatiol i never want to leave westwood or even leave mrs williams and mrs brown thank you for it :)

shaun wrote:

it if great sarah you are going to be happy at year 5

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