The Highwayman- as himself

Date: 12th Jul 2016 @ 7:29pm

Highwayman, last night Bess died waiting for you at the Old Inn. We are asking you to relive events of last night. What were your thoughts when:

You were riding off to the West.

You rob a carriage on the Highway.

You ride the road back to the inn.

You see the guards and hear the loud musket gun shot.

You're told that Bess shot herself as she waited for your return.

 You ride back to the inn in a rage.

If you could change events, what would you do differently?

If you could turn back time and speak to Bess what would you say?

If you could speak to Tim what would you say?

Goodbye Highwayman sad

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Kelly wrote:

I think to my self well I ride to the west and say in my head I will steal yellow gold from King George then get back to Bess at midnight. I will rob from carriages for some money then ride back to Bess at midnight to my love. I ride back to the west now I've got the yellow gold now I can get back to Bess then say hello. I see guards at every window then I heard a loud bang of the musket so I came to see what happened. I heard and seen Bess shoot her self so I thought, for the guards to kill me. I was in rage with Tim and I was upset that Bess killed her self. I would take Bess with me to steel gold from King George to keep her safe from dying. I would say to Bess stay with me so you are safe. I would say to Tim leave me and my love alone and don't come back.

Charlotte D wrote:

When I was riding off to the west I felt sad because I have left Bess but I know I will see her again and we can run away together. When I robbed the carriage, I was not too sure about this because what if I got the wrong carriage? I am very very happy because Bess is there waiting at the Inn for me.When I heard a gun being shot as I approached the Inn, I thought I was gonna die.Then I saw guards going in the inn then I said well I am not dead yet.When I heard Bess shot herself my heart broke! Bess is dead NO,NO,NO my true love is dead we cannot be together any more.When I came back in to the inn my heart broke. Bess was dead then I heard a BANG I was dead.If I could change events, I would probably never ever leave a love alone and probably shut the curtains,the windows and shut the doors.If I could turn back time I would say I love you and stay with me and don't leave my side.I would say to Tim go away and don't come back!

nath.b wrote:

YES, I will get the gold for the poor and i will keep some for me to buy some food with the money.

I cant believe that I stole the Kings gold now I can give some to the poor.

YES, I have got the gold now I can ride away with Bess to Belgium.

OH no Bess my love might be shot or she shot Tim I hope Bess shot Tim the creep.

OH no I failed, my love is dead and I might be killed to so lets rush back.

I need to get back as fast as i can, go horsey go go!

I will save Bess and ride away forever and never be a crook again.

A.H wrote:

As I am riding off to the west, I'm thinking what if I get shot when I try to rob the coachman?

As I am robbing the coach I am thinking, what if the coachman pulls out a gun and shoots me?

What if someone sees me and Bess talking.

What if the guards shoot Bess, what if she's dead.

Bess has killed herself to save me I am going to run away as I cannot be with her now.

As I am on my way back to the inn I am so mad at the guards, I am going to kill all of them now.

If i could change events I would have took Bess with me to the west.

If I could turn back time I would tell Bess to go to Scotland and I would meet her there.

If I I could speak to Tim, I would say Leave me and Bess alone and get on with your own life.

Chloe.s wrote:

I was riding of to the west,I felt very nervous because I would have to leave my love Bess but I don't now what will happen to her but I had to go.I felt like i was a king after I robbed that carriage it was full of gold and riches so i headed straight back to share my gold with Bess! I felt so glad that my journey was finally over and i could now go and greet my gorgeous Bess so we can run away together.Their were king Georges men out side and i heard a gun my poor Bess must be in trouble i need to run like the wind.My beloved Bess is dead she has sacrificed her self for me just to warn me about the guards.I was then fuming mad my Bess is dead i new I was going to die but i was ready to join Bess in heaven.If i was to do things differently it would be to never leave a loved one again especially with an ostler! I would say to Bess I love you Bess you are the most beautiful girl in the world will you be my girlfriend. If I could speak to Tim I would say go get a life you horse creep and leave Bess alone.

madoc w wrote:

YES, I am riding off to the west to steal gold.

I have just robed a carriage so I could give some of the money to the poor and I will also have some gold.

I am riding back to the Inn to see Bess and take her to Romania.

I hear a loud gun shot I am suspicious where it came from I also see guards oh no.

I hear Bess shoot herself so I get closer to see what happened.

I ride back to the Inn in rage because Bess has just died.

I would take Bess away from that creep forever.

Chloe. C wrote:

As I am riding off to the West I am thinking I want to go and get the yellow gold because I love Bess and I want to make Bess happy .

As I am robbing the carriage on the highway,I think I might get killed and I want to see Bess again .

As I am riding back to the inn, I want to go and get Bess and run away with her.

I have heard a gunshot, I thought I was going to get killed, so I am going to ride away .

When I was told that Bess shot herself ,I was so upset I felt angry that my love was dead.

I rode to the inn in a rage because I was so cross that Bess was dead .

If I could do anything different , I would not rob the gold and I would run away instead to Lerwick.

If I could turn back time and speak to Bess I would say " I love you, go and hide away in the forest in the little cottage and wait for my return".

If I could speak to Tim I would tell him to stay away from Bess as she is mine and he should go and find someone else to love.

Emma wrote:

when i was riding of to the west i felt scared because what if the people there hate me and i get hurt or even killed and then i wont be able to see Bess again. when i was robbing the carriage i felt happy because now i had a lot of money jewellery. when i was riding back to the inn i was happy to see Bess and give her the gold to make her happy.when i heard a gun shot i thought oh no i am worried about Bess what if that was her. when i heard Bess shot herself i was devastated because she did it waiting for me to return. when i was riding back to the inn i was riding like the wind because Bess could be dead! If i could change anything i would bring Bess with me but not let her get killed.if i could turn back time i would say to Bess i love you so much and goodbye. If I was able to speak to Tim again i would say get a life you horse creep and leave me and Bess alone

Alicia c wrote:

As I was riding of to the west I was feeling happy, excited and joyful because I was on my way to steal the precious shining yellow gold from the horrible, selfish King George. As I was on my way to King George I stopped and robbed a carriage on the Highway and I thought I feel more rich than I ever have in my life, I'm on my to King George and I have already earned myself some shiny yellow gold. I rode back to the inn feeling in luck and scared because the guards could hear me then harry me whilst trying to kill me. "AAAAAHHHHH." On the way back to the inn I saw the guards laughing, suddenly a loud gun shot occurred, suddenly thought I hope my lovely Bess is ok and I hope she is nowhere near them selfish, cruel guards. As I heard that loud bang I thought Bess wold not occur in the situation but it was Bess herself that shot herself I fell nothing more than heart broken and that i must of been a warning so I said to myself I will shoot myself to still live a happy life with the beautiful Bess. As I rode back to the inn angry, frustrated and i thought Bess is gone because of the STUPID CRUEL GUARDS. If I was to do something different I would take Bess with me to steal the guards and King George's.

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