The Highwayman- Tim the Ostler

Date: 12th Jul 2016 @ 7:26pm

Last night Bess was found dead after the King's guard had taken her hostage as bait to trap the Highwayman. We ask him about last night’s events. What were your thoughts Tim when?

The Guards in the red coats turn up at the inn door.

The Guards in the red coats are drinking inside the inn.

The Guards in the red coats take Bess Hostage.

 You hear Bess scream.

You hear the loud musket gun shot.

You go upstairs to find Bess dead.

If you could go back in time what would do differently?

If you could speak to Bess what would you say?

Goodbye Tim :(

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T.M wrote:

The guards in the red coats turn up at the inn door I think that they are going to ask someone some questions? Are they going to capture someone?

The guards in the red coats are drinking inside the inn I think: the guards are going to trick Bess and take her hostage.

What are they going to do to her? Are they going to harry her?

She is in danger. Is she going to be murdered?

When I heard the gunshot I thought that Bess must be dead. The guards have a musket don't they?

Oh no!! she is dead I can't believe it! did the guards do it? why did this happen?

If i could change time i would make Bess and I together for eternity and live in a big house and also be rich.=)

If I could speak to Bess I would say that we should be together forever and you should forget the highwayman and be with me.

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