Competition Reminder

Remember to enter this fantastic competition. By entering you will become part of someone else's future.

Amazing to think that in 100 years from now someone could be reading about you and what you did in the year 2020! How fantastic would that be!!

Remember to tell the children and families of the future about your school, how Westwood and all other schools had to close and send everyone home to keep them safe and how you were home schooled through digital platforms.  Your words will be used in history lessons a hundred years from now by children just like you; tell them everything you can!

Good luck and happy writing...

#Mrs Brown and The Westwood Team


Files to Download

Be internet safe

What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school