Do you have the managerial qualities to take your team to the top!?


Join Westwood's Fantasy Football Competition this season by using the following steps:

Step 1:

Visit the website and create your team by signing up (REMEMBER, if you had a team last year you can use the same username and password). You have a budget of £100 million to spend on a squad of 15 players, picking only a maximum of three players from each team. You will have to create a team name and also design your own football kit. 

Step 2

Click the tab which shows 'Leagues' and then click the next tab of 'Create and join new leagues'. Next, select the option of 'Join a league' and then 'Join private league'. You will then need to enter the following code:


Step 3

CONGRATULATIONS! You should now be a member of the league 'Westwood CP School'.



Remember to use your HWB email address to create a Fantasy Premier League account laugh

Any question then please come and see me yes

Pob lwc pawb!

Mr. Powell


Be internet safe

What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school