Light, Colour and Sound Workshop

Year 4 attended the brilliant Techniquest 'Light, Colour and Sound' workshop at the Elfed today! This is what we got up to...


First we looked at how sound causes invisible sound waves in the air. Some of the children even got to experience this a little closer with our Techniquest helper using a tuning fork to spray their faces with water! 

Next, we looked at how vibrations on different surfaces can change the volume of a sound. Martin (the Techniquest Assistant) used a music box and placed it on different surfaces around the science laboratory.

After that, MS, AA and FF tested how the size of an object can alter the sound, as they found out that the bin made a much louder and deeper sound compared to the plastic cup.

Finally, some of the children and staff (with the help of our Techniquest Assistant Martin) used scissors to cut down a straw to change the sound, similar to how a saxophone makes its sound. 


We then looked at light. Martin began by showing us how light travels by using a laser pen. We discussed how light travels in straight lines and then Martin demonstrated this by spraying the laser beam with water. Mr. Powell then used a mirror to reflect the laser beam and shown how we can use mirrors to change the direction of light.

Following this, some of the children used torches of the three  colours (red, blue and green) to show how we can mix colours to create new ones. We even found out that if you mix the light colours of red, blue and green you make the colour...WHITE!

Just before we went to visit the 'space dome', the Techniquest assistant used a torch to shine a light on the back of a CD. The light was reflected onto the ceiling and made the colours of the rainbow!

Space Dome

In the 'space dome' we had the chance to look at the night sky in a little more detail, picking out some of the star constellations and discussing what they mean. In addition, we picked out the Milky Way and had a short trip to each of the planets in our solar system! 

Da iawn pawb! What a fantastic morning! Take a look at some of the pictures and videos of this morning's event laugh

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What's Being Said?

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