Victorian Britain - Bringing learning to life Class 7, 8 and 9

Lesson: History

Class: Class 7 Year: 2017 - 2018




In History, the children in classes 7, 8 and 9 have been expanding their knowledge of the Victorian era through lots of real life experiences and research tasks.


What was a Victorian classroom like?

During our Victorian day, there were maps and  pictures on the wall, globes for geography and a large, well used bible that the children read from. Children sat in rows,  the very strict teacher stood at the front facing the class to remind them that 'children should be seen and not heard!' Hands and nails were inspected as the children were also reminded that Victorian teachers would drill their children on a daily basis to make them believe that 'cleanliness is next to Godliness'. 

Children wrote on slates with chalk. They wiped the slate clean, by spitting on it and rubbing with their coat sleeve or their finger (... just kidding, but that is how they would have cleaned them if they really were in a Victorian classroom!).   The children learnt that slates could be used over and over. For writing on paper, children used a pen with a metal nib, dipped into an  ink well,  all a bit messy, but great fun and brilliant handwriting practice. For those who needed extra practice, a wax board was used with a sharp, wooden tool which enabled greater control whilst working to strengthen hand muscles.

The children sang 'All things bright and beautiful' and later learnt all about the story of creation. Before the day had ended, the children presented to their peers and we were astounded by their performances...all in a good days work and in true Victorian style.

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What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school