Class 8: News items

Snowdonia, by Mrs Brown

Young Voices 2018 lyrics, by Mrs Brown

Snowdonia Visit, by Mrs Brown

Victorian Days in Year 5 & 6, by Mrs Williams

Thank you presents, by Mrs Brown

Wrap splat hat, by Mrs Brown

Wrap splat hat, by Mrs Brown

Survey to complete, by Mrs Brown

National Tests, by Mr Nicholson

Science Team Event , by Mrs Williams

Stockport Letter, by Mrs Brown

Merry Christmas-War is Over, by Mrs Williams

Stockport-Class 7 & 8, by Mrs Brown

Tesco Christmas visit, by Mrs Brown

Car Boot Sale, by Mrs Williams

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What's Being Said?

"I never thought that Westwood was so large inside! From the road, it seems so small. What a wonderful use of space. The school has changed so much over the years!" - recent visitor to school